Get It Ready

Reserve a moving truck

Schedule time off work/school

Measure new place for furniture and window coverings (doorways, walls, stairs, elevators)

Get it Started…

Local Landline Phone Service:  AT&T 800-310-2355

Long Distance Provider (research the best provider for your needs)

Gas and Electric Service: SDGE 800-411-7343

City of San Diego Water/Sewer Department (619) 515-3500

Cable (service provider depends on your location):

Time Warner 858-695-3220 or

Cox Communications 619-262-1122

Don’t forget to stop your old utility services, too!

Get It Packed

Get *clean* boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, scissors, rope, furniture pads. Don’t get used boxes from food stores! They can have roach eggs embedded in them, which will transfer to your personal belongings.

Pack a separate box with valuables, medicines, birth certificate and passport.

Pack early anything you won’t need to use before your move.

Save space and money: your towels and linens make great packing material for your breakables.

Leave clothing in drawers.

Take apart beds and tables, put the hardware in a ziploc bag and tape it to them.

Wrap paintings and mirrors in blankets.

Get It Moved

Pick up truck

Load truck with heavy items first

Put all boxes in appropriate room in new home

Do final clean of old place after last load is unloaded

Check all cabinets/closets for remaining items

Get Settled In

Find The Nearest…

Police/Fire station


Grocery store

Convenience store

Movie rental

Gas station

Post office


Check out Sign on San Diego for lots of additional information and events


Department of Motor Vehicles

Post Office

Credit Cards

Bank Accounts

Insurance Policies (health, car, renters, motor club, etc.)

Subscriptions (newspapers, magazines)

Auto-ship memberships (Netflix, Amazon, etc.)

Professional/Licensing Associations