At Tranquility Property Management we believe in building community.

Whether you live in one of our multi-unit buildings, a condo or one of the many single family homes we manage, we strive to assist you in discovering what “community” means to you.

If you’ve lived in San Diego a while, you are certainly aware of the incredible neighborhoods this city has to offer, but may not be aware of all your new neighborhood has to offer. If you are new to the area, we greatly encourage you to get outside, enjoy our weather, and begin to fall in love with this magnificent city and the surrounding areas.

With single and multi-family units available in Pacific Beach, Hillcrest, Banker’s Hill, North Park, South Park, Golden Hills, Normal Heights, Mission Hills, Poway, La Mesa and the surrounding areas of East County, we hope that you find a sense of community in your own neighborhood.

Take a minute to begin to explore your surroundings by clicking on one of the images below.