The purpose of this document is to establish fair, equitable, and easily understood practices for accepting and rejecting applicants for occupancy.


With respect to the treatment of applicants, we will not discriminate against any individual or family because of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin or ancestry, religion, sex, sexual preference, gender identity, age, disability, handicap, military status, source of income, marital status or presence of children in a household, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) or AIDS-related conditions (ARC), or any other arbitrary basis. No criteria will be applied or information considered pertaining to attributes of behavior that may be imputed by some to a particular group or category. All criteria shall be applied equitably and all information considered on an applicant shall be related solely to the attributes and behavior of individual members of the household as they may affect residency.


Final decision is dependent on credit history, unlawful detainer history, income and length of employment, registry check, and landlord references. Positive identification in the form of a valid government issued photo identification is required of all applicants.

  1. Credit and Unlawful Detainer Reports
    • A credit and an unlawful detainer report will be requested on all adult applications.
    • An electronic copy of the unlawful detainer report will be requested and kept with the application on file. A copy of the credit and unlawful detainer report will be made available to the applicant upon request.
    • A lack of credit may be a basis for denial (we do not accept cosigners).
    • An unsatisfactory credit history may disqualify an applicant. An unsatisfactory credit history is one that reflects past or current bad debts, late payments, unpaid bills, liens, judgments or bankruptcies. If an applicant is rejected for poor credit history, the applicant will be given the name, address and telephone number of the credit reporting agency that provided the credit information upon request.
    • Applicants may be admitted if there are mitigating circumstances regarding the poor credit history. However, applicants will be disqualified if the unlawful detainer report indicates that they have been evicted from any prior residence.

    When reviewing credit, our reporting agency takes into consideration several variables to
    determine an applicant’s willingness and ability to pay their rent. Below are a few examples of
    the variables taken into consideration. A combination of these variables will be considered:

    • Number of Recent Credit Inquires – measures desire for new credit and potential over extension.
    • Average Age of Trade Lines – measures performance since establishment of credit.
    • Revolving Debt to Limit – measures the ability to absorb cash flow difficulties.
    • Percent of Bankcard Trades Relation to Total Trades – measures previous credit behavior.
    • Total Trade Lines – measures responsible use of credit.
    • Percent Never/Recently Delinquent – indicator of negative credit performance.
    • Bureau Scores – measures general credit risk.
    • Number of Major Derogatory Items – flags serious credit issues.

  2. Registry & Criminal Background Check
  3. A registry check will be conducted on all adults in the household, which looks at court records, criminal convictions, and other activity.

  4. Income and Employment History Criteria
    • Income to Rent Ratio – measures the ability to handle rent payments (i.e. 2.5:1).
    • Requirement: 6+ months of employment with current employer or in same field of work.
    • Employment requirements may be waived for retired and self-employed applicants. However, most recent tax returns may be required for verification of income.
    • Employment requirement may be waived for international students. An I20 will be required for verification.

  5. Landlord References
    • References provided by the applicant may be verified.
    • 5 years of residential history is required and residential history may be verified.
    • Unfavorable landlord references will be basis for denial of tenancy.

  6. Other Deniable Factors
    • Falsification of the rental application.
    • Open bankruptcy.
    • Unverifiable (and/or falsified) social security number.
    • Unpaid rental collection or judgment.


California has permitted a “two plus one” formula, which allows three people to occupy a property for every bedroom. However, to determine whether the number of occupants per bedroom is reasonable, HUD considers the overall size of the residence, the number and size of bedrooms, the presence of additional rooms such as studies, the capacity of septic, sewer or other systems, and state and local laws.